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The Story of Shaolin Temple
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The Story of Shaolin Temple
The Story of Shaolin Temple is popular
with young people.Tanzong and his thirteen students are main roles.Tanzong is
friendly,he helps many poor men,so he is popular with the poor.The other main
roleis Wang Shichong.He is cruel to the
people,so he is unpopular with the poor men.Tanzong and his students help Tang
Wang,Li Shimin to win Wang Shichong.Li
Shimin wrote down “少林寺”for them.
I think Tanzong and his students are brave.
At last,Wang Shichong is dead,Tang Dynasty wins,Tangzong and his students are also winners. I feel very happy.
I like Henan culture very much,such as Baligou,
Yuntai Mount,Yuju and so on.But I like Shaolin
Temple best.I like Shaolin Kongfu.It’s very
wonderful.It has wonderful gestures and fighting.
It is an important part of culture about Henan, China. The Shaolin KungFu used to be popular with the
man. The woman doesn’t like it at all. However,
more and more women, even some foreigners are
becoming intersted in it nowadays.
I like watching the stories about Shaolin Temple’s,too.Such as Shaolin Temple Ⅱ.It has many intersting stories in it.More and more people like watching it now.
The Story of Shaolin Temple,the people like watching it every day!  
The Story of Shaolin Temple is one of popular China movies.It is proud of Henan people.It is a story about thirteen followers help Li Shimin.They help Li Shimin to fight against Wang Shichong with their teacher Tanzong.In the end,Wang Shichong died,Li Shimin won.
There are many Henan people and movie stars in The Story of Shaolin Temple.I like Yuan
Biao best in it.
I like watching The Story of Shaolin Temple.
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